Analogue Aspirations #1: Dolly's Resolution

As 2012 rolled in, Dolly decided it was time for change. Read on here about her life-changing resolution and how analogue photography would become the motivation for this change. Here are the lessons she’s learned so far.

After numerous failed attempts at getting out and about, it came to me wallowing in the house for months at a time. This was doing neither myself nor my family any good.

Lesson 1: College or University is just not for me. Skipping back a few years, I had just enrolled in a photography course with the aim of getting out of the house more, but lacking motivation this didn’t come to anything and I dropped out.

But this year, that’s all beginning to change.

Lesson 2: Don’t be afraid. It was two days after New Year’s Day. The previous year (2011) had been a bit of a downer, but all-round and determined, I knew I had to change. I dug out my Diana Mini and loaded her with some Kodak Colorplus (after all it was cheap film, if I messed up a roll or two then it wouldn’t matter so much). I took her with me for a walk around the house and in to the garden, to my surprise it wasn’t so difficult after all.

Here are some of the photographs:

Lesson 3: Take baby steps. In February, I purchased a few more cheap cameras. With a new passion for photography, I was eager to go further afield. This brought up a couple of problems, namely anxiety and fitness. I discovered there’s no need to go further than I feel comfortable — afterall, I could take photographs of the same scene or object with a different camera or film, the result would be different everytime.

I’ve made a couple of small journeys to visit family and of course, my cameras came with me. Now that March is here and spring is in the air, I see more of these happening:

Lesson 4: Most importantly, don’t worry over the “What ifs.” So, what if someone is staring at you and your amazing plastic camera? Shrug it off and get shooting! They’ll get over it and you should too. Have fun and relax!

This year, 2012, is going to be a big year for me, I can tell. With film swaps lined up already and my fitness improving all the time, there is no end in sight.

Photo and words by Sarah. She lives in Scotland with her partner and two cats. This year, 2012, is going to be a big year for her. You can read all about it in her series called Analogue Aspirations.

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