Algirdas Šeškus' Lyrics of Love

The White Space Gallery in London showcased the first UK exhibition from the great and influential Lithuanian photographer Algirdas Seskus. This exhibition showed a selection of his black-and-white images from the 1970s that depicted everyday life through an impressionistic and individualistic style.

Whilst Algirdas Šeškus is well known within his native Lithuania, he is relatively unheard of in other parts of the world with this being his first showing of work in the UK. The photographs from Lyrics of Love are untitled and are not accompanied by any descriptions leaving us to draw our own conclusions about when and where each image was taken and the meaning behind his works.

With his photographs, Šeškus chooses not to follow any particular aesthetic practice or theory but instead choosing “amateurism”. This has led him to take photographs that are often out of focus, showing everyday situations portraying what could be considered boring subjects, blurred with haphazard compositions. However, his photographs often convey a sense of the intimate and Lyrics of Love is a remarkable exhibition that should not be missed.

White Space Gallery showed Lyrics of Love until the 10th of March.
All photos are from the White Space Gallery

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