Tempus Incognitus by Brad Carlile

Photographer Brad Carlile has an ongoing series wherein he photographs hotel rooms at different times of the day. The amazing images that are produced have bursts of color that will leave you in awe.

Photo © Brad Carlile via Lost at E Minor

Brad Carlile has a bunch of photography projects that seem to have a common theme – bright vivid colors. One of his projects entitled ‘Tempus Incognitus’ feature photos of hotel rooms in different places and taken at different times of the day. He describes the collection of images as something that may have been the doing of surrealist director David Lynch. What’s amazing about these photos is that they are shot on film.

Brad Carlile states that each photo takes at least one day to create. He uses a medium-format camera and slide films for the process. He does multiple exposures to combine the brightness of the sun and the different effects it has on the room. The different exposures allow him to come up with the bright colors seen on his photographs.

The series on hotel rooms has been thought of by Brad Carlile years before he started, and finally trying to do it convinced him that the idea would work. Not all of his photos turn out the way he wants them to, and he chooses which ones to print out. Below are some photos from the ‘Tempus Incognitus’ series.

Photos © Brad Carlile via Lost at E Minor

Sources for this article include Lost at E Minor, and chron.

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