To My Dearly Beloved Diana

Here’s a love letter as a homage to my Diana camera.

Dear Diana F+,

I can’t really remember the first time I saw you, but it must be around the beginning of 2009. I just started shooting analogue with my dad’s old Fujica but I was immediately very intrigued by your looks and capabilities. Unfortunately, I was a poor and forever-broke fashion student but I kept dreaming of you. Every time I passed a store where you were sold I looked at you for at least a minute or two, I looked for you on the internet and in stores and I tried to save my money for you. After so many failed attempts my boyfriend came to the rescue.

Credits: merelgroebbe

It was two days before my 21th birthday. The 8th of February 2011, My boyfriend and I wouldn’t be together on my actual birthday. I came home to find a black and white 120 mm film on the table. And the biggest surprise: You!!! I could hardly sleep that night, because I was so anxious to try you out. The first pictures I took with you featured my boyfriend and you will find out later that he will be the subject of my photographs a lot. I took you in my heart and you never left, not until today.

I know myself, I am a clumsy and pretty chaotic person so I bought you a beautiful brown leather ready to shoot bag, so you could be with me every day without getting harmed.

After my first 120 mm films I attached the 35mm Back to you, because of practical reasons. Although you weren’t shooting on your original format, you still delivered beautiful images.

Credits: merelgroebbe

The thing I like about you the most is that you are so incredibly easy to love. You’re light, so taking you with me is no problem. You look pretty, so people are easily charmed by you and nobody minds being in front of you. You sound nice, and the catchy click your shutter adds to the excitement of taking pictures with you. You bring so much joy, not only when you’re in action, but also when I accidentally touch you when reaching for something else in my bag, when I see you lying around, or when you wait with me at the photo lab when we take your film to be printed.

Credits: merelgroebbe

The best thing is you are so versatile. I have all your lenses now, which surprise me every time, especially the soft telephoto lens makes your pictures so dreamy. The Instant Back+ gives me instant pleasure whenever I use it and the small instant format really gives my pictures such an extra vibe.

Of course, we had some issues. Films went wrong, I didn’t explain you good enough what I wanted to see and you refused to show me what I wanted to see. But that is normal. I think you can’t have a good relationship like we have without having some trouble, because we got to know each other better.

Credits: merelgroebbe

My boyfriend is sometimes upset, because when we wake up I reach for you immediately. But he’s just jealous so don’t worry. And he might act like he gets sick of us sometimes when we try to capture him on moments he doesn’t want to, but I feel we should stick together and make him live with it.

And now our love grows even bigger when your little sister, the Diana Mini, joined us on our adventure. She gives us the ability to let you hold on to the instant back, because switching between instant photos and 35mm became a little bit annoying over time, and still I love you both. It’s like adding another member to our family who is more than welcome.

Credits: merelgroebbe

So my love is not only for you Diana F+, although a first love will always be more special compared to the rest, but you and the Diana Mini both have a special place in my heart (and my bag). I hope we can spend many more sunny, rainy, grey-ish, dark and boring days together. So they become a little less normal and a little more dreamy.

Lots of Love,


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