The Gap Years #1: BALI!


Where did you spend your first few months after college? That’s the question I’ve been waiting for years! Yes, I took a gap year. The first thing I did after graduating from college is go to the ultimate travel destination in Indonesia (where I’m from): BALI!

If you’re wondering where and when the photo above is taken, I will answer it here. It was taken in Sanur Village Festival, a kite competition using the LC-A+ RL and Fuji Sensia 200. When? during my holiday in Bali. To be honest, my holiday in Bali in 2009 was the second time I’ve been there but it was the first time that I used Lomographic cameras to document my travel memories. Yeah, Bali as you all know, is the ultimate beach paradise. Famously known as “The Island of God”.

The photos above depict the Kecak Dance, a traditional Balinese Dance. This dance is so magical because the story itself is a legend and this dance starts during sunset until 7pm. For Bali tourists, I think this Kecak Dance is a must-see during your stay in Bali. Really! Don’t forget all your lomographic cameras because this show is really, really, really good! I got goosebumps when I saw this magical dance and my mother was so amazed too! If you want to see this you have to go to Uluwatu.

Sunset at Uluwatu

When I visited Tanah Lot alone, it was nearly a meditation experience. It’s a relaxing place to be. I really enjoyed myself there.

Tanah Lot

I saw a beautiful sunrise too in Sanur when I took a morning walk with my parents.

When I visited Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), I met Barong for the first time!


Aside from the beach and the many exotic places around Bali, I went to this traditional market near Denpasar named “Pasar Badung”. I was told that Pasar Badung is the oldest market in Bali.

Pasar Badung

Bali doesn’t need any introduction. This article is based on the 2009 experiences of a young graduate. Now it’s 2012, and I think Bali is still as beautiful. I’m planning to go back to Bali when I’m finishing my thesis. I hope I will do the fieldwork there and take a lot of photos too! :D

adi_totp in 2009

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    kaga ada yg santai foto yg ada disini wohooo!

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @istionojr Hahaha.. BALI no! BALI

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