Popping Origami Camera


If you’re into origami, then this Tipster is for you! You may have seen other origami cameras, but what sets this one apart is that it “pops”! Read on for the instructions.

All you need for this popping camera is a square sheet of paper. You can opt to use origami paper, but any paper will do.

Fold the paper in half, horizontally and vertically.

Once you have horizontal and vertical creases on the paper, fold all four edges towards the center.

Turn the paper over and again, fold all four edges towards the center. Afterwards, repeat the step one more time. Turn the paper over. You should end up with something like the last photo on the gallery below.

Unfold the top and bottom pieces of the paper.

Fold out the remaining sides. See the photos below for reference.

Gather the side flaps and fold them together. You should have something like the second photo below.

Get the flap underneath and fold it downwards.

Get the “wings” and fold the 2 tips together as shown below. Now you have your popping origami camera!

To make the camera “pop”, hold the camera on both sides and pull gently. The folded pieces keeping the camera together should come apart and produce a popping sound. You can also decorate the finished camera any way you want!

This article was inspired by a post on Show Me How to Do This.

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