"The Panier" Oldest District of Marseille, France


One of my favorite place in Marseille is the Panier district. It is the oldest part of the city and a very picturesque place to visit by foot.

The Panier of Marseille est the oldest district of the city, and the site of the original settlement of the town. Marseille was founded by the Greeks two thousand six hundred years ago. The Panier is right next to the Vieux Port. It is one of the oldest districts with a High proportion of immigrants. It became a working class district during the 17th century, when the middle class decided to move out to relocate in the new districts to the east.

It was the fishermen and armature district. In the 19th century, it attracted Neapolitan, then the Corsican after the First World war. The Nazis dynamited a large part of it in February 1943. Today, the Panier is still a cultural mosaic of people from Magreb, Comoro islands and even Vietnamese people. It’s vibrant and cosmopolitan. It has been rehabilitated recently, and now it becomes a district up to date. It is very agreeable to stroll though the streets. The jewel of the Panier is the Vieille Charité, first designed as a hospice for the homeless, now a beautiful museum hosting exhibitions.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Great shots!!! I've got some of this place too, I'll add them to your location...

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    Magnifique !

  3. rater
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    Great photos, I specially like number 10! And the 4 submissions of vicuna are also great!

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