Portraits of Strangers: Strangers I've Met During My Travel


In the past six months, I’m lucky to have traveled to Mount Bromo (located in East Java, Indonesia) and recently, to India. During my travel to both locations, I have met many strangers. Meeting new people in new places is a very good experience for me, especially when I decided to document them. Read about my Portraits of Strangers story after the jump!

Before I traveled to Mount Bromo and India, I’ve been to Bali, Yogyakarta, and Tidung Island. I met so many strangers back there but I didn’t take portraits of them. I wasn’t as brave as today to ask a total stranger that I will shoot her/him as my subject. But when I traveled to Mount Bromo, I decided to ask them first and talk to them before I take a photo of them. Therefore, I get to know them first before I photograph them; it’s really a great experience!

My first subjects was the locals in Mount Pananjakan near Mount Bromo. They’re really nice people!

Father and Son that sells Edelweiss

As I walked down and take a ride to the Sea Of Sand in Mount Bromo, I met the locals which are called Tengger people. They were busy offering me to take a horse ride so I could go faster to Mount Bromo but I declined the offer because I wanted to walk my way in the Sea Of Sand and take many pictures!

When I walked towards the summit of Mount Bromo, I decided to take a photo of this young Tengger named Tomtom.


He is a talented model! Cool as ice and poses while smoking. Quite a gentleman!

The keeper of Mount Bromo’s summit

Above is the keeper of Mount Bromo’s summit; I forgot his name.

From Mount Bromo last year, let’s go to India!


I’ve met Harish the cab driver in Agra and he took me around Agra.

Marble Shopkeeper

The shopkeeper that sells beautiful marbles. I forgot his name though.

Ali, the Crazy Autorickshaw Driver

Ali is so crazy and he took me around Jaipur. Quite the enthusiastic autorickshaw driver!

Ali and his cousin, Rafiq
Ali, The Dutchman , me and Rafiq

Jaipur is really fun!

Let’s go to Udaipur!

Little Prince

This boy him called me and said “Hey, Take a photo of me” before I could even take a photo of him. I already shot this writing on the wall “Little Prince” then I pressed the MX button and shot the boy. Voila, the Little Prince!

Little Girl

This little girl really really surprised me on that fine sunny afternoon on Gangori Ghat. I was daydreaming while looking at the Lake Pichola, and this little girl came up to me and said “What’s your name?” I replied, “Adi.” She said “Amal” and I said “Adi.” Then she said “Amal” again. After that I laughed at her because “Amal” is my cousin’s name. A funny situation!

Zakid the autorickshaw driver

Zakid is the autorickshaw driver who drove me to Shilpgram. His English is so good!

Kuntam The Puppet Artisan

Kuntam is the puppet artisan that I met in Shilpgram. It’s a pity that I didn’t watch him perform.

Mahesh’s The Barber

First experience to go to the barbershop in Udaipur. I was so sleepy and I decided to go to Mahesh’s barbershop. He cut my beard and mustache. A real hero!

Imran the autorickshaw driver

Imran is a young and enthusiastic autorickshaw driver. I met him at Old Delhi just the back of Jama Masjid. He drove me from Old Delhi to Connaught Place. He smoked a lot! I mean a lot! Overall, he is very kind and he called me “brother” because we shared the same religion.

All these strangers I’ve shot instantly have a place in my heart because these are good precious memory that I will remember. To document these strangers means a big deal from me. From meeting one stranger to another stranger, it will provide me memories from my travelling. Bad or good memories, I will remember them. So next time I travel again, I will try to interact with more strangers and photograph them kindly.

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  1. hakimbo05
    hakimbo05 ·

    Great Article !.. Now I'm inspired to compile all my travels and create one article!!!

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @hakimbo05 thank you very much! yeah! you should do that :D

  3. ngjinglingfiona
    ngjinglingfiona ·

    Wow (: I've always been too afraid to go up to strangers and ask them/talk to them. This article really inspired me (:

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