An Introduction: Adam's Classic Albums in Lomographs Series


Adam Griffiths, aka adam_g2000, hails from Auckland, New Zealand and is one of Lomography Magazine’s new regular writers. Know more about his upcoming series, featuring classic albums in film pictures, after the break.

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Name: Adam Griffiths
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
LomoHome: adam_g2000
Series/Section: Classic Albums in Lomographs on Analogue Lifestyle

The two biggest loves in my life are photography and music, though I’ve never been able to do more than indulge in both as hobbies (singing in bands in my early twenties never amounted to much, and sadly Photography never struck me as a career option in my youth). I did build up a massive collection of music. Now I’ve rediscovered film and discovered the Lomography community I think I’ve discovered a new way to combine the two.

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Music plays a big part in our lives – it’s ever present. Radio and LPs gave way to casettes and the walkman, the discman, the dreadedly digital MP3 player! There’s nary a moment in the day where I don’t have music playing somewhere and I know that’s the same for many you too. It becomes the soundtrack to our lives.

This series is about the music I consider classics, in pop, reggae, rock, metal, electronica. But it’s not just about me, it’s about you and your amazing skills as Lomographers.

Credits: tamsoam

What I’m going to do, every month, is pick a truly classic album, the one rule is that it must have been published at least a decade ago, scan the photo section of the site and track by track put a photo to each song. The choice of photo may be influenced by the lyrics of the song, the mood of the song or how I interpret the song – I’ll always tell you why I chose it.

Credits: yawn & planetape2001

I also want you all to get involved and take part. Each month I’ll reveal the title of the album I’m going do next. I want you to suggest photos, yours and others that I could use – definitely feel free to shoot new photos to fit if you want to.

Please don’t put links to photos in the comments, privately message me in my home (this keeps everyone guessing until the next month).

My first choice is an album that helped create a worldwide phenomenon. Popularising an underground new wave of rock when rock was set to implode as a farcical, superficial worship of hair. Arguably the only true survivors of the 90’s grunge movement, Pearl Jam with “Ten”.

PS: By the way, the underscore is silent…

The international Magazine team of Lomography is currently looking for dedicated writers who are interested in contributing articles (to any section) on a regular basis. Eager and interested? Read this call-out article and we’ll be waiting for your emails!

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    great idea @adam_g2000!

  2. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    @jeffr thanks Jeff!

  3. hanibale
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    :) nice

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