University of Padjadjaran's Master Management Program Building


In mid-2011, I decided to continue my studies and pursue a Master’s Degree, which started my adventure as a post graduate student in July. The University of Padjadjaran’s Master Management Program Building is now my new campus. New campus, new studies, and new spirit of course.

Me and my post grad friends

University of Padjadjaran’s Master Management Program Building is not far from the building that I used to go to everyday when I was still taking my bachelor’s degree, in fact, I just have to cross the busy streets of Dipati Ukur. University of Padjadjaran is located in Dipati Ukur street, Bandung. This street is famous because there’s so many universities located there.

Daily activity

Sometimes I get so bored just studying and taking classes from morning to evening but I have so many ways to beat the boredom out of me so I usually take my cameras, the Horizon Perfekt and LC-Wide. I started to shoot around the campus.

Scenes of study groups in my campus

But there’s a line from my father that I will always remember, “Student will be student”. So from that quote, can you imagine what I’m thinking? Of course! New campus means new friends too!


There’s a thing about post grad studies that I will always remember from my 1st semester. Examinations!


Here are some shots of my university:

Random scenes

Oh one more thing, my friends are post grad students but they don’t seem familiar with the mighty Horizon Perfekt. So one day, I decided to bring this camera and started to take photos of them. See their faces! They seem so excited right?!


Oh well, that’s just 8 months of my post grad studies and I think I will take even more shots for the rest of my post grad stay. Right now, I’m just enjoying life. Student will be student, just like these two friends of mine.

Welcome to post grad!

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    cie unpad... :P

  2. adi_totp
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    @istionojr kehidupan S2 no.. KERAS ahahaha

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