Spring Fling: Brockenhurst Village

A small village at the heart of the New Forest National Park, perfect for those long walks and quiet days out with your loved one!

Brockenhurst is situated right at the heart of the New Forest national park and it is the place that me and my other half are lucky enough to attend college at! The small village contains a few cafes, a bakery, a few small boutique shops, a Tesco Express, a station as well as a lot of horses!

As we are in our second year at college, we seem to have a lot of free periods together, and as our college is in the middle of this national park, me and my girlfriend decided we will go out and explore the place as the adventurers we are, and blimey is it a beautiful place!

Credits: mikeydavies

We started going out to explore at a local cafe in the village called “The Brock and Bruin”, which was suggested to me by my Auntie who attended Brockenhurst College ten years before I joined, she spoke very highly of this place and told me they made the most amazing cake, so the cake lover that I am, I took her word for it.

When we visited the cafe and the village, it was the first time I had ever used Ilford XP2 film through my Holga 135, and I feel this was a great choice to really capture this traditional looking village, here are some pictures I took:

Credits: mikeydavies

From our first trip into the village, we have been back many times since together and visited a few more shops and adventured more into the forest to take snaps! On a recent trip we went out and found a bridge over the train line, and here are some of the pictures I took, I love the on top of the bridge ones!

Credits: mikeydavies

So I think for a quick romantic getaway to a lovely area with a beautiful village and surrounding national park, definitely go to Brockenhurst! You’ll be blown away at how lovely it is and I know we’ll be back!

Credits: mikeydavies

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