The Best of LIFE: 1936-1972


Photojournalism at its best. This is the 37-year legacy LIFE Magazine has left us. It’s creator, Henry Luce, founder of the other boldly titled magazine, TIME, had a vision that the editorial proved to have achieved. This vision? As stated in his profound mission statement: “To see life…to see the world; to eyewitness great events…to see strange things…the see and be amazed”.

Images via LIFE

Split seconds before death and even during the milliseconds where life is being extinguished from a person, moments of contemplation, uniformed rows of the uniformed, fear, ecstasy, and every emotion in between. These are the contents of the famous LIFE Magazine photographs that were featured in their article The Best of Life: 37 Years in Pictures

Image via LIFE

Just which of the photos, of the above and below, show a dance sequence? Is this a witnessing of “strange things” or, just simply the unique perspectives presented by those innovative LIFE photographers that include: W. Eugene Smith, Margaret Bourke-White, David Douglas Duncan, and Paul Schutzer.

Image via LIFE

Luce wanted to be able to provide “the cream of all the world’s pictures” to thousands of Americans without them having to leave their chair. And that he did, with a team of innovators and and eye and vision for ‘the editorial’ that has since its creation been a benchmark for others to follow.

Information for this article was taken from this LIFE feature.

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