Dalyan (Turkey)


A reasonably vibrant touristy place 25 minutes from Dalaman airport and the location where they filmed “The African Queen”.

This was the second place where my lovely mother in law had arranged for us to stay. We stayed here just before we headed back to blight, it’s handy distance from the airport meant that we had a stress less end to our holiday.

There are a few things to do, sightseeing wise, here including visit the turtle beach. This, as its title might suggest, is a beach where turtles lay there eggs. There are sun beds available or you can lie on the sand, however there is a huge area between the beds and the sand where you cannot lie which is reserved for the turtles and their eggs, though you have to walk over it to get to the water. Myself my mother in law (or Merete as she is known) and my son (or Lukas as he is known) headed here. We took one of the many, many, many river boats/taxis costing about 18 Lire (about £5 – I think).

The trip was pleasant through the winding rivers and reeds and with fantastic views of the mountains and Kings Tombs (tombs carved into the mountains). The beach is itself unimpressive and packed with tourists, and coupled with the lack of turtles (as they only come at night) made it, for me, an over rated and slightly hellish thing to do. Lukas and Merete however had great fun in the sea which is shallow for a fair distance and has little waves which Lukas (now confident in water) loved. Turtle Police (not sure if this is their official title or just what I named them) patrolled the reserved area making sure that the turtles sand was left undisturbed, though I couldn’t help but feel that with the volume of tourists troloping over it negated their efforts). You can go to the beach at night on special excursions to see the turtles.

The town is reasonably pretty and typical for a tourist town buzzing with bars and street vendors. Like the rest of Turkey I saw, it is really the people that make it. The staff in the bars really made an effort with us going the extra mile for Lukas’ never ending demand for ice cream. At one bar they made him a special drink with sparklers and also they seemed to actively encourage his desire to work behind the bar. The skeptic part of me knows that this was to keep our custom, after all they are a business, but none the less I appreciated it and enjoyed practicing my Turkish with the staff.

We stayed in a little pension right by the river which had stunning views and, despite being eaten by mosquitoes on the evening, was a great place to enjoy the evening beer. However the finest part of the trip was actually a small hotel we discovered almost by accident. My wife (or Johanne as she is known) and I had gone on a bike ride (the bikes were loaned free of charge by the pension owner) and as we cycled down a street a saw a shot that needed taking a car under a camouflage blanket! We stopped I took out my trusty LC-A and took the picture. We realized we had stopped out side of a shop and decided to buy water. I asked for the water in Turkish which impressed the man selling the water. Back at the pension we all wanted a swim, we wanted to swim in the river but as I had seen a water snake, Johanne and Merete were not keen on the idea (I didn’t mind obviously being a man and all). Johanne suggested that we went back to the place we bought the water as she had noticed they had a pool, and in return for us buying drinks and food from them we could swim there. We spent the rest of our time there. The couple who ran the place Bülent and Angel (actually a Beligian whose name his family could not pronounce so they called her Angel) are two of the nicest people I have ever met and possibly the best part of my Dalyan experience. If you go to Dalyan I can whole heartedly recommend staying there especially for the salads they make with ingredients fresh from their garden (I know they were fresh I saw them picking them!) It is well worth a visit for its stunning views and fantastic people.

The place is called
Turhan Motel
tel 0090 2522842563
Gülpinar Mar
B&B 25 TL pr. person

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  1. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    Lovely, as usual! :)

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Love the shots and the text! :)

  3. deeseeohecks
    deeseeohecks ·

    Some amazing shot there. I haev been to turtle beach. I liked going to the right of the beach where when the tide comes in it makes the water very deep and fast moving. Thea beach at that end was more a promanade rather than a beach so you jump into deep water. It was great.

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    N°5 is awesome !!! And your kid is a perfect model !

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