Winter at the Summer Palace


Visiting the Summer Palace in the winter invokes a different feeling from when I visited it in the summer.

During winter, Kunming Lake will be iced over with folks having fun on the ice.
During the winter, there are less visitors and less noise.
During the winter, parks’ admission tickets are cheaper.

The Summer Palace is the largest and the most well conserved Royal Gardens in China. The Summer Palace, together with Chengde’s Mountain Resort, Suzhou’s Humble Administrator’s Garden, and Lingering Garden, are collectively known as the Four Famous Gardens of China. It is also known as the Royal Gardens Museum.

The Summer Palace is located at the northwestern Haizhan area, about 15km away from Beijing’s city center. The Summer Palace is built around the Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill. Its design is inspired by the West Lake of Hangzhou, and infused with architectural techniques from Jiangnan. The result is a large scale natural landscape of hills and open water. It is now one of the most well preserved Royal Gardens and it spans an area of 290 hectare.

How does one get there? If you are in Beijing City, take the Subway to Xizhimen Connection (Near to the Zoo) and take a bus. You can take bus service 301, 303, 330, 332, 331, 346, 362, 374, 375, 904, 905 to Summer Palace.

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