Spotted: Super Junior with Analogue Cameras

All ten members of the famous Korean pop group Super Junior have been spotted with analogue cameras in their hands at shoot! Care to identify the camera? Looks like refurbished Zenit E or Kiev 4 to me! Excellent choice with the Russian cameras; they look so classy and dapper!

Some of the cameras do seem like Zenit E Refurbished, don’t they?

Or even somehow a Kiev 4 Refurbished?

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Prove that you’re not only a trendy KPOP fan but also an analogue connoisseur with these vintage Russian cameras. So classy and classic!

Here’s a behind-the-scene photo from the band with a chocolate instant camera!

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written by jcyx243 on 2012-03-08 #news #seoul #korea #analogue #cameras #celebrities #acha #super-junior #mr-simple

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