Portraits of Strangers and Their Cameras


I’ll be the first to admit that I am not very brave in taking photos of strangers. I never seem to have the courage to ask someone if they mind me taking their photo and I definitely don’t have the guts to just do it outright… So a meet up in Manchester was the perfect place to take photos of strangers and also their cameras!

As I’ve bought more and more cameras to add to my growing collection, I’ve realised that I prefer certain camera to others… I gravitate to the cameras that I love using and more importantly, the ones where I love the results, where I feel that they represent me the best.

Because of this, I am always fascinated by the cameras that other people use and what I think it says about them when I first meet them. Like me, many of the strangers that I first met at the Lomography meet up in Manchester have many cameras – but it was the ones that they bought with them that I was interested in and the ones they chose to use in front of their peers.

This is a portrait of @JohnCCC. I will admit to being fascinated by his hair at first, but watching him take photos was also fascinating… John completely puts himself into a photo when he takes it – you can see his tightly shut eye as he focuses his through the viewfinder in this photo. At other times, he shot from the hip with a smile and I think that its this mixture of seriousness and spontaneity that helps him create such intense but fun photos.

This is a portrait of Linda from the Lomography UK team. I actually really love this photo, it seems relaxing and contemplative, yet it also captures her personality with her fab shoes, her slight smile and her gentle grip of her LC-A+.

This is a portrait of @Explorette. My first impression of Explorette was that she didn’t really like having her photo taken, she was definitely a behind the camera photographer, so I tried not to take too many photos of her but watching her with her cameras was a joy – Explorette is the perfect name for her – she is adventurous, she thinks outside the box when taking photos, she sees things differently from how I do – and she loves taking photos and experimenting with her cameras. I don’t know if all this shows but I wanted to try and capture some of that.

This is a portrait of @heathenpadre who I met only recently. This was the only camera that he brought with him to the meet up and I still actually have no idea what it is… I should find that out perhaps. This is one of my favourite portraits, as this camera represents its photographer owner so well.

This is a portrait of @panchoballard and I think it captures him pretty well. When I first met Darren I thought he was quite quiet and serious but as I got to know him better his personality and flare started to show and you couldn’t miss it when he started to take photos.

The bizarre thing about strangers is that once you’ve met them, they aren’t really strangers anymore and they especially aren’t once you taken their photo… even though I’d only just met these people the day that I took their photo, my relationship with their portrait changes along with the relationship that I have of them as a person and the more you know about them, the more you see in their photos and I hope that some of what I saw in them and their cameras shows in these photos.

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Indeed the beautiful hands of @explorette and in second place, the picture of the foldng camera are, in my humble opinion, the best pictures of the series!

  2. du3ky
    du3ky ·

    So cool!

  3. chrissiea
    chrissiea ·

    what a wonderful article! I wish there would be a lomo meetup where I live...

  4. welland
    welland ·

    Its probably naughty but I very rarely ask permission to take someones photo. If ive done that I think the moment has gone. Just be quick at focussing and don't disturb them and they will never even know. Saying that I did get caught by a lovely couple in some gardens at the weekend. I just smiled, said sorry but they made a lovely photo. They were fine and gave me their camera to take the same picture with. Peoples faces react very awkwardly to lens being shoved in their face so just try and spot things coming and what focus point you will need. That way you are prepared, quick and silent.

  5. gilbycoyote
    gilbycoyote ·

    The camera @heathenpadre uses is certainly a Graflex Speed Graphic, or rather a Crown Graphic, from the Looks

  6. heathenpadre
    heathenpadre ·

    it is indeed a Graflex, Speed Graphic (roughly 1948). I am honoured to be mentioned in your post here :)

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