Astonishing Photos of a Man on Fire

Lighting a man on fire, and then having him run through an empty field in order to to take action shots of him. We highly advise not doing this at home, though we thought the inspirational message the Canadian photographer responsible for dreaming up the “Man on Fire” photoproject one that needed to be shared.

Image via Laughing Squid

Benjamin Von Wong is a go-getter. The Montreal-based photographer brings his abstract visions to life, even if there’s a legitimate reason, such as impending danger, why others haven’t attempted the same. Benjamin’s advice to other photographers (but not limited to), “just never stop trying, just go out, see how far you can push things, be different”.

“Man on Fire” is Benjamin’s latest photoproject in which he quite literally had a man set on fire so that he could shoot the fantastical photos you see above and below.

Images via Laughing Squid

Here is a behind the scenes video, shot by filmmaker Erwan Cloarec. You can see the stuntman being lathered in fire resistant gel and then having a trained, circus fire-blower blow human engulfing flames onto the photographic subject. Our respect goes out to Benjamin for his extensive documentation of his photo shoots, and the cinematic quality of the edited behind the scenes videos.

We love Benjamin’s ‘above and beyond’ attitude as well as his honesty and willingness to share his experiences and techniques with other dreamers and photographers in search of inspiration.

This article was inspired by this Laughing Squid article.

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