Self-made Splitzer for the La Sardina


Here is a Tipster on how I made a splitzer for the La Sardina using an old film box. Read on to find out how I did this.

I do not just want to imitate a finger Splitzer since the one on my Sprocket Rocket works already. So for the La Sardina I tried to make one myself. Another thing that’s interesting is that it also fits on the Diana Mini. I picked up a DM 400 Color box, because I think the colors are so great.

  • You need the lens cap of the La Sardina for the diameter
  • a pen
  • scissors
  • adhesive tape
  • and of course the carton (or boxes)

First draw a circle on the box tracing the circumference of the lens cap.

Cut the circle and then divide it into two equal halves. Then cut off a strip in the height of the lens cap.

Finally, connect with adhesive tape. Done!

I built another Splitzer with the other half of the circle. You can superimpose the two quarters and do so much more!

Here are my first results:

You should only pay attention to the fact that the distance setting is not changed. I turned the Splitzer on the direction not to shoot and nothing happens. Have fun tinkering and testing!

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