An Awesome Automatic Analogue Bookmark


It looks like one of those hyper simplistic, curvy ‘M’ shaped drawings of birds. Adequately, it’s named “Albatros”. But we don’t suppose you’d have ever thought of stuffing something named after one of the largest birds in between the pages of your latest crime novel. What a true horror that’d be! Check out what functional, scaled down invention is turning heads, and pages, after the jump!

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Besides being so amazingly cool, these self inserting bookmarks are foolproof time-savers, saving you many a groan from having forgotten to make note of what page you were on last, of which ever book you’re reading. The man responsible for this analogue wonder is French product designer Oscar Lhermitte. The bookmark is also not easily lost as it’s fastened with an adhesive to the book.

Inspired by The Albatros, we came up with the double analogue filmstrip bookmark which we wanted to share with you in the below tipster!

How to make your own filmstrip automatic bookmark

What you’ll need

  • A filmstrip, sized a little longer than the length of your book
  • Adhesive tape (preferably double sided)
  • Scissors
  • A pen
  • A book


  1. Fold the filmstrip in half to create a bend directly down the middle
  2. Mark out the shape featured in the second photo in the above gallery with a pen (do this just on one side)
  3. Fold the filmstrip back in half and cut both sides together, along the outline (once done your bookmark should resemble that of image 5)
  4. Bend both ends in the exact direction as in image 6
  5. Add the adhesive tape to both ends
  6. Open you book to the back cover and stick the left tab down on the back of the last page
  7. Repeat step 7 for the left tab on the first page of the book inside the front cover
  8. Now open the book to somewhere in the center and pull down the hovering ‘M’ shape strip visible above the pages, keeping your finger on inside the book
  9. With your finger still on it, close the book, release your finger and proceed to press down on the book to flatten the bookmark inside
  10. Open back up and watch in amazement as the bookmark follows you as you flip the page!

To wind up, here’s a video of The Albatros in action.

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    I've never seen such bookmarks before! Those are amazing!! :)

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    Nice! I want one of these!

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