World Press Photo Awards from 1955 to 2011


Since 1955, World Press Photo has been organizing the most prestigious press photography contest worldwide. Last February 10, Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda was crowned the winner of the prestigious annual award. Interested to see the past winners? Read more about the World Press Photo Award after the jump!

WPPA winning photo 2011 by Samuel Aranda

Let’s do a review of this prestigious competition from 1955 to present. Surely many of these pictures we have already seen a thousand times. And its development throughout history as well as the evolution from analog photography. Warning:some images may be offensive.

1955: Mogens von Haven
1956: Helmuth Pirath
1957: Douglas Martin
1958: Stanislav Tereba
1960: Yasushi Nagao
1962: Héctor Rondón Lovera
1963: Malcolm W. Brown
1964: Don McCullin
1965: Kyoichi Sawada
1966: Kyoichi Sawada
1967: Co Rentmeester
1968: Eddie Adams
1969: Hanns-Jörg Anders
1971: Wolfgang Peter Geller
1972: Nick Ut
1973: Orlando Lagos
1974: Ovie Carter
1975: Stanley Forman
1976: Françoise Demulder
1977: Leslie Hammond
1978: Sadayuki Mikami
1979: David Burnett
1980: Mike Wells
1981: Manuel Pérez Barriopedro
1982: Robin Moyer
1983: Mustafa Bozdemir
1984: Pablo Bartholomew
1985: Frank Fournier
1986: Alon Reininger
1987: Anthony Suau
1988: David Turnley
1989: Charlie Cole
1990: Georges Merillon
1991: David Turnley
1992: James Nachtwey
1993: Larry Towell
1994: James Nachtwey
1995: Lucian Perkins
1997: Hocine
1998: Dayna Smith
1999: Claus Bjørn Larsen
2000: Lara Jo Regan
2001: Erik Refner
2002 Eric Grigorian
2003: Jean-Marc Bouju
2004: Arko Datta
2005: Finbarr O’Reilly
2006: Spencer Platt
2007: Tim Hetherington
2008: Anthony Suau
2009: Pietro Masturzo
2010: Jodi Bieber

Which do you think is the best picture? I hope you enjoyed this review of one of the most prestigious photographic competitions in the world where unfortunately, the crudity almost always goes hand in hand with press photography.

Photos in this article can be found in The World Press Photo Archive, and copyrights are property of their respective authors and/or publications.

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