Fred Herzog’s Urban Street Photographs in Color


German photographer Fred Herzog is one of the pioneers in color photography but his photographs weren’t seen in exhibitions since black and white was the chosen medium for most photographers at that time. See more of his photographs and learn more about him after the break.

Photo © Fred Herzog via Get Addicted To

Fred Herzog was born in Germany in 1930 and emigrated to Canada when he was 22 years old. He was always interested in taking photos since he was a child but became a professional photographer after his move to Canada.

In 1953, Fred Herzog shot his first roll of color film and from then on, color film became his choice for his street photography. He mostly utilized Kodachrome and focused on the working class in Canada as his subjects. In the 1950’s, color photographs were not widely used by professional photographers. Because of this, his works weren’t exhibited in galleries as most would only display photos in black and white. Over the years, color film became more popular and this is when he was recognized for his striking photographs of people, empty streets, stores, and street signs.

Below are some of Fred Herzog’s Kodachrome photos:

Photos © Fred Herzog via DMPI Books

Last year, Douglas & McIntyre Publishers, Inc. released a photo book of his works entitled Fred Herzog: Photographs. The book consists of 150 of his color photographs. You can learn more about the book on DMPI Books.

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