In Winter, Migrate to the South in Punta del Este, Uruguay!

While one of the worst cold waves in recent years invade Europe, across the ocean to the south, there are those who enjoy paradisiacal temperatures and a mid-January beautiful tan! If you can no longer bear the cold between December and March, then next year escape to Punta del Este!

Here, you can take the first dip in the sea of the year on January 1st! And you can celebrate the arrival of the new year in your swimsuit! Being in the other hemisphere, in South America, the summer season starts in December, and one of the favorite destinations for many Argentines, Brazilians, and Uruguayans is Punta del Este.

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Punta del Este is a famous seaside town in South America known for its beaches, casinos, skyscrapers, and its typical houses. It is spread over a peninsula overlooking on one side, on the huge estuary of the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. For this reason, on one side of the peninsula, the beaches have a quieter sea, more like the Mediterranean Sea that we, as Europeans, are used to know, while on the other side, have a more vibrant sea, the ocean! The beach on the estuary is called Mansa (Spanish for “Calm/Mild”), the other one is called Brava (“Vivid/Agitated”). On the one hand, you can see the sunrise, on the other, the sunset. Actually they are like yin and yang. And there is just a 5-minute walking distance between them!

Playa La Brava:

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Playa La Mansa:

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In the center of the town (located on the tip of the peninsula) there are shops, restaurants, bars, markets selling local handicrafts, and of course, the harbor. The harbor is the perfect opportunity to buy fresh fish, watch the yachts, and the lobos marinos (literally “sea-wolf,” you’ll probably know them as sea lions) surrounded by seagulls.

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On the beach you can go sunbathing, long walks, surfing lessons, see and learn capoeira, swimming, enjoy the sunset, and of course, take pictures! In Punta del Este, there is something for everyone, really!

Capoeira on the beach
Surfing lessons

And if you’ll go…do not forget to take a picture standing near a finger of the sculpture “Monumento al Ahogado” ("Monument to the Drowned) also called “La Mano” (“The Hand”) by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal located in Playa La Brava!

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For more information please visit its Wikipedia page.

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