The Layered View: Raghu Rai

India is layered, exposed yet hidden, soft and warm as well as harsh, all at the same time. No one knows this better than Raghu Rai. Read about this renowned Indian photographer after the jump.

If there was a name which stands out always when it comes to photography and India, it’s Raghu Rai. His work has been published far and wide, with over 30 books, and the only Indian photographer to be part of Magnum.

Copyright : Raghu Rai – Ayodha
Copyright : Raghu Rai – Bhopal. This is the image has been one of the most iconic work from Raghu Rai and for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

Raghu Rai started his career in 1965 and soon joined the staff of The Statesman, a New Delhi based newspaper. Later, he also worked with India Today publication as their chief photo editor. Winner of the World Press Photo Award and the Padmabhushan, he’s one of the most celebrated photographers from India.

Copyright : Raghu Rai – Luckhnow
Copyright : Raghu Rai – Varanasi
Copyright: India Today. Photograph by Raghu Rai – Indira Gandhi with her daughter-in-law Sonia Gandhi, grand son Rahul (centre) and grand daughter Priyanka (in Sonia’s arms)

“If people can connect with my pictures and enjoy them that is enough for me. It’s like you are walking down the street and you smile at someone and they smile back. There is nothing given and nothing taken. It is just like a little nudge, a recognition of humanity and life. That is what photography means to me. It is my profession, it is my religion, it is my karma, it is my life” – Raghu Rai (in a interview with British Journal of Photography).

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