Love at First Lomo: From Russia with Love

They say that the first love is the most unforgettable. Indeed that is true. I will never forget my first Russian Lover: the LC-A+RL. Read on to find out more about us…

I started taking up photography as a serious hobby in 2008 when I bought my first DSLR. After shooting digital for awhile, I realized that something is missing in those photos that I took but I couldn’t quite put a finger to it. One day, while I was looking at some childhood photos taken by film cameras, it struck me that my digital photos seem to lack the soul of film photography.

I thought films are extinct in 2009 but imagine my surprise when I did some research online and found that film photography is alive and kicking. The more research I did, the more I get “seduced” by the colors produced by Lomography cameras and xpro slide films. The question is: Which Lomo camera should I get given the wide variety?

My criteria: Simple to use (as I still have reservations with using film cameras), portable (cannot be as bulky as my DSLR), and versatile (can fit a wide variety of accessories). I narrowed down the final choices to Diana F+ or LC-A+. Finally, I settled not with the normal LC-A+ but the LCA+RL as I read rave reviews about the legendary Russian lens.

Thus begun my love affair with my Russian lover. And I have no regrets. In addition, I also bought the Colorsplash flash, Splitzer, and the Wide Angle Lens (No, LC-Wide wasn’t out then).

I had a lot of fun and took some good (in my opinion) shots with the LCA+RL and the various accessories.

LCA+RL fitted with Wide Angle Lens:

MX with the Splitzer fitted:

Normal MX:

Easy to load films for collaborations:

Produces good B&W shots as well:

Normal color negatives or xpro shots look great too! Exposure is spot on!

I am still using the LCA+RL till today and my Russian lover will always be my first love!

written by coolsigg on 2012-03-23 #lifestyle #russian-lens #lca-rl-lomo-love-film-color-negative-slide-b-w-xpro-c41-memories-versatile-mx-splitzer

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