Kodak Portra Gallery


Want a film that delivers stunning results every time and any time? Look no further than the sweetest color negative of all, Kodak Portra!

Trusted by pros and hobbyists alike, Kodak Portra is in my opinion, one of the best films currently available in the market. This emulsion delivers mind-blowingly vivid colors that pop straight out of the picture – unusual for a color negative! This, coupled with fine grain, smooth skin tones and natural colors, Kodak Portra delivers anything you could ask for.

Here’s a small gallery of shots using this film from our Photos page to whet your appetite. Hungry yet? Head on over to the film shop for all of your film needs!

written by cruzron on 2009-07-02 #news #film #portra #photos #kodak #cross-processing


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  2. rater
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    Nice gallery...

  3. panelomo
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    my my.. after reading this, i need to go to nearest lab and buy this film!

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