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It is simply amazing how everyone in the Community could be so near and connected to each other despite the distance and difference of cultures.

With that saying, finding true love through analogue seems impossible. But then, that could be proved wrong. For our featured Lomographer this month found new love in the face of Lomography through the girl she truly treasures the most.

Find out how Kevin, or artvandelay in our Community, entered and loved the world of Lomography with the push of his other half.

Credits: artvandelay

Name: Kevin R. Snook
Lomography Username: artvandelay
Location: Medford, Oregon, USA
Number of months/years as a Lomographer: 8 months
Number of months/years in the Community: 8 months

Kindly relate to us any memorable experience, whether happy or sad, you’ve had in relation to Lomography.

While I didn’t meet my special someone through Lomo, I did meet Lomo through my special someone, strangelilgirl. From the first time we met, she always had a camera on her. And I was always a willing subject, but never had the courage to step onto the other side of the lens. During my time spent as a human camera bag / film bag / model, I began picking up knowledge of the analogue photography trade. As I gained more knowledge, I slowly began building up courage and wanting to try my own hand with a camera. What gave me the final push I needed was my girlfriend. She was featured in a poetry reading at a local café and I mentioned how amazing it would be if I could take a photo of her during the night. So she loaded her LC-A with some film and told me to do it! While the photo I took was nothing spectacular, I’ll always remember it as my first Lomograph and the photo that kicked off my exciting Lomographic journey.

What are the emotions that best explain this story you have? What are your thoughts about it?

Honestly, the first emotions that come to mind are amazement and overwhelming joy that a single photograph could inspire a passion within me that I know I will always have. And the joy that this brings me is immeasurable. I am a Lomographer down to my very soul and I know that I will die with an analogue camera in my hands.

*If ever this experience did not occur in your life, what kind of person are you right now? Are you not the same person without this experience?&

I would be a person with something missing. From the time I dropped out of college, I had been searching for some kind of creative outlet or hobby that I could put my energy toward. Without Lomography I wouldn’t have this. And while there could have been other paths I would discover to lead me to analogue photography, I believe that this is the one I was meant to end up on.

Come and see Kevin’s Lomography gallery and the stories behind his photos!

Credits: artvandelay

Flower Talk. Now that I’m taking my own Lomographs, my girlfriend can pay me back for all the modelling I did for her.

Credits: artvandelay
“Pretty” Photo. This was taken on a walk through the streets of downtown Philadelphia. It was one of the many cities me and my girlfriend visited on our East Coast trip to visit two of our fellow Lomographer friends, vtayeh and ssamm66.
Credits: artvandelay

Taken in Ocean City, Maryland, another location during our East Coast trip. This marked my first time seeing, swimming in, and photographing the Atlantic Ocean.

Credits: artvandelay

You know a place is invaluable when, no matter how many times you go there, you can find new, intriguing spots to capture on film. Table Rock is one of those places for me.

Credits: artvandelay

This was the first “real” photo shoot I ever went on. My girlfriend and I were taking family photos for some friends. At one point, their boy was being playful and pretending to refuse to participate in any more photos. So instead of pleading with him, I adapted to what he was doing and captured a portrait of him that I’m extremely proud of.

Every shot is captured not only having the intention of exposing a good frame, but also recording the time and space that was spent with it: a shutter button is pressed, a story is about to start. And through LomoDiary is where it is being told. Every month, we talk to one of our very esteemed member from the Community to share with us stories behind their Lomographs. Want to be our next storyteller? Drop us a line then at

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