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With the advent of the iconic LC-A camera’s glorious 28 years, it is only but proper for us to have a dedicated Reviews on Rewind installment. Join us as we look back at some inputs from the community who has grown to love the LC-A cameras through the years!

The release of the limited edition Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake marks another milestone for the legendary Lomo LC-A camera, whose analogue legacy has now spanned 28 years. From the original LC-A born in Russian soil nearly three decades ago, up to today’s newest and boldly-designed editions, analogue-loving people have been enamored by the camera and the charming photos it produces.

Therefore, in celebration of this special occasion, let’s take a look back at what some of our fellow lomographers have to say about the LC-A cameras:

Photo by d_i_hunter

*Lomo LC-A+: 10 Reasons Why I Love it and So Will You* by d_i_hunter

You stand out from the crowd. So everybody else has got ‘Fancy Dan’ digital compacts? Well that’s fine if all you want to do is just record a bland image of exactly what’s in front of the lens – but me, I want to see my memories recorded with a bit of analogue warmth and charm!

Photo by oldskool_rider

*Lomo LC-A+: Give Her a Chance* by oldskool_rider

I had come to understand that this was not just a camera, it is the camera. This is the classic Lomo camera with a beautiful lens. The vignettes, the colour, the contrast, the beauty! This is something I wanted to have in my life.

Photo by irufan7

*LOMO LC-A: A Richman's Wife* by irufan7

Now, I can officially call myself a lomographer since I have an LC-A, an original one. Before that I can only afford a Vivitar UWS, a poor man’s LC-A. So maybe I can also consider myself as a richman now. Or a husband too?

Photo by nadinadu

*Lomo LC-A Review* by nadinadu

I think all of us here know the famous Lomo LC-A? Am I right? Well you sure should! It’s pretty much one of the cameras that started all of Lomography! That old Russian beauty!

Photo by by rav_bunneh

*Half a Year with the Lomo LC-A+ RL* by rav_bunneh

Sometimes you buy something and sadly forget about it weeks or months later. It is easy to tire of something or just move on. This is not at all the case with this little camera of love and joy. I literally take it with me anytime I leave the house. Look at my gallery and you’ll see photos of the gas station, grocery store and just daily life.

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