Paris <3's Analogue

Maybe it’s a cliche, Paris as the city of love. But every cliché contains a certain amount of truth. And in the case of Paris being the city of love, I think it’s very true. Because of the light. Even if you’re not IN love, Paris can show you love.

Every Valentine’s Day (or everyday of the year, if you’re the romantic type) you get to think about love, your loved ones, where to go, what to do, and how to be different from everyone else who thinks the same.

And then you think about Paris, but you decide you don’t believe in all the stories about love and Paris.

But do not NOT go to Paris because everybody thinks of Paris as the city of love, because this is a city that you, especially when you love analogue photography, have to visit! I already visited Paris over 10 times and I still think it’s the most beautiful city ever. And yes, you should bring the person you love here, for the reason that everything is more beautiful when in Paris. Why? I think it’s the light. And that exact light is what makes Paris so attractive. It’s like a real-life pink cloud, it filters your sighting and brings back all the romance you thought gray February had taken away. No matter where you go, there is always something beautiful around the corner. When the sun shines, everything gets a beautiful yellow glow and the water of the Seine sparkles. But Paris is even beautiful when it rains. When the streets are wet and there are dark clouds over the city and you can hide inside one of the thousand little cafes and read a book and pretend you live here.

So this location tipster is not really about one place in Paris in particular, and that’s because it’s a city you should experience. Don’t go looking for something, but let it take you everywhere.

So even if you don’t want to propose under the Eiffel Tower (because truly, the most beautiful sightings of the Eiffel Tower come from a whole different perspective – try taking the Metro to a whole different part of the city and look at it from there! It’s not really that pretty from up close) or share a kiss in a place surrounded with tourists who feel like doing the same, every street corner of Paris is inspiring and beautiful. The soft colors of the walls that reflect the sunlight right into your lens gives every moment that extra ‘thing’.

So try looking at things from a different perspective than what your booklet says.

And when shooting analogue, even the harsh yellow light of the subway can feel extraordinary. It’s only a state of mind, and Paris is the perfect decor.

So some final tips;
Bring your analogue camera and every type of film that you have because you will find perfect spots and lighting here!
Bring your loved one because there’s nothing better than strutting down the streets of Paris together. Just walk and be surprised!
Don’t go for the obvious places but try to find a unique place that you can say YOU discovered.
Look at the views. EVERYWHERE.
Appreciate every type of weather. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the rain. Paris is always beautiful.
Act as if this is your place, your city, and your hometown.

written by merelgroebbe on 2012-03-17 #places #colours #love #atmosphere #location #city #paris #urban-adventures #select-type-of-location

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