Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 68: References Part 2

Learn more about the timeline of the goldfish after the jump.

Timeline of the goldfish:

265-419AD Fish with gold coloration are first recorded by the Chun Dynasty of China

618-907 During the Tang Dynasty, goldfish are raised in captivity the ponds of Buddhist monasteries. The Common Goldfish traces its roots back to this time.

1127-1279 The Nan Song Dynasty raised goldfish in domestic ponds and bred them to create attractive white and red-white color schemes.

1368-1644 In the Ming Dynasty, goldfish are kept as pets in indoor bowls – thereby allowing for selective breeding that could not have occurred outdoors. Double-tail, Anal-fins, Dorsal-less, Short Body, and Eggfish varieties are developed.

1590 Red Cap variety is created.

1592 Globe Eye variety is created. Look out!

1596 Say hello to the Matte Scale and Calico varieties. The keeping and enjoyment of fancy goldfish – once the private domain of the aristocracy – is now widespread across China.

1603 The first goldfish is exported to Japan (and welcomed with a warm “Konnichiwa.”)

1611 The first goldfish is exported to Europe via Portugal.

1644-1911 The Ching Dynasty creates the exotic Bronze & Blue goldfish.

1728 Goldfish are first bred in Europe. We can thank Holland for that.

1870 The Celestial goldfish is introduced. Oooh and Ahhh!

1874 Goldfish are exported to the United States

1893 The Oranda/Tigerhead goldfish is here!

1900 The Pompon & Pearlscale and Shubunkin colorations are developed in Japan.

1908 Bubble-Eye goldfish are introduced (and a lot of children are grossed-out).

1911 The Curled Operculum variety has arrived.

1920’s (approx)The Comet and Veiltail find their way into the mix.

1934 The Bristol Shubunkin standard is declared

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