A Twin Lens Reflex Camera Made out of Bricks


We can’t help it – anything that’s built using Lego bricks are simply astonishing. This time, a fully functional twin lens reflex camera! Find out more after the jump.

Front view with lens box installed. Photo via Skognatt

Very similar to a Rolleiflex, which makes use 120 films. This nifty looking Lego TLR was created by Carl-Frederic Salicath. He named his invention as a Legoflex B1 (Brick 1).

Aside from Lego bricks, he also made use of a mirror, some lenses taken off from a binocular, and duct tape. Let’s check out this toy from different angles:

The lens box with the camera in the background. Photo via Skognatt
The viewfinder. Photo via Skognatt
The film holder. Photo via Skognatt
The rewind mechanism. Photo via Skognatt
Rear view with shutter plate sticking out at the left side. Photo via Skognatt

And of course, here are actual shots using the Legoflex B1.

Photos via Skognatt

For further reading or if you’re interested in making your own Lego TLR, you may visit Carl-Frederic Salicath’s blog, Skognatt, where he posted a detailed description of how he made the camera.

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