Workshop: Into the Cabinet of Curiosities in Berlin

In the Berlin Museum of Natural Science, huge dinosaurs, obscure collections and bizarre preparations can be discovered with the handy and very light-sensitive Lomo LC-A+.

Credits: annegreat

There is also a lot to learn about nature, evolution, our own solar system and cosmos in general. The curious Lomo LC-A+ is going to join our expedition – and the beauty in black is already looking forward to double the bones of a Stegosaurus with the Milky Way.

Saturday, 03.03.12 @ 14 pm – Into the Cabinet of Curiosities with Lomo LC-A (LC-A+)

Tickets are € 10 (plus individual entrance fee) and are inclusive of lend-a-camera, 1 film and 10% off film processing.

Credits: matthewmanstee & muppi

Please drop by the store, write us an e-mail, or give us a call to book a place!

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10117 Berlin
T: 030 202 151 62
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