5000 Egg Cartons Made into a Life-Sized Tank

You’re probably asking if it’s some kind of Pop art venture – green and yellow egg cartons, fashioned into a convincingly sturdy tank – but it’s much more! A ‘huge’ effort to spread awareness of the Eggs for Soldiers event put on by charity “Help for Heroes” is what this structure, by sculptor Stuart Murdoch, represents.

Check out the gargantuan properties of that structure! In light of his creation we can imagine some would call Stuart Murdoch an “egghead”. Using egg cartons to create a life-sized tank christened “The Challenger II” took Murdoch 512 hours to make! One can assume the much lighter version of the pictured war vehicle would still do some damage to eggs if it were to run them over. So much for using the 5,016 egg boxes for their original purpose – protecting fragile eggs!

Murdoch’s incentive? His creative idea wasn’t random but done to show support for wounded servicemen and women. The Challenger II was completed just in time for the Eggs for Soldiers' national egg and spoon race that takes place on March 4 to raise money for the charity Help for Heroes which aims to improve the services currently received by wounded British soldiers.

Information for this article was taken from The Daily Mail.

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