Gifts of Freedom Crafted from Landmine Scraps

Saught, a social business out of Signapore, creates products from the scrap metal of war remnants to support sustainable development in post-conflict countries. Early last year their innovations were recognized by NGOs including the Goldenwest Humanitarian Foundation and they’ve since achieved more partnerships in working towards their vision of implementing peace building efforts across the globe.

The Issue?
Remnants of war in Cambodia, specifically landmines and unexploded ordnance (of which there are an estimated 4-6 million) pose as day in, day out threats to the civilian community, particularly in rural locations. With the country’s land littered with these deadly artifacts it’s very difficult for inhabitants to build up their lives as the soil, their main means of survival, currently unsuitable for agriculture.

Images via Saught

The message of hope Saught advocates is “Freedom From War” and is the title of one of their 3 jewelry collections, the others being “Freedom From Fear” and “Freedom From Poverty”. Additionally, each of their products contains a deeper message. For instance, the second to last image of the dove and grain of wheat necklace comes with this description, explaining the choice of motifs: “The stalk of wheat is a reminder of humility, for even the tiniest grain in Cambodia is treasured by those who cannot be assured of it…The wheat here is portrayed as the flora of freedom”.

Partnered with a workshop in the country’s capital Phnom Penh, Saught – who is also teamed with the NGOs Cambodia Mine Action Centre and Goldenwest Humanitarian Foundation – is all about consumer awareness as their carefully constructed and informative website illustrates. All profits from sales are re-invested into development efforts of other post-conflict countries.

Images via Saught

Future Goals
Saught’s vision is to create a model to be implemented in other post-conflict countries and to forge an international community of peace building advocates through this model. And by administering and supporting income generation projects, upcycling scrap metal (which amounted to 15kg as of last December) from war remnants, and by empowering locals through these initiatives, Saught’s future aims are already underway!

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