Reviews on Rewind: La Sardina

Lomography’s freshest catch, the wide-eyed La Sardina, has been getting getting dressed in some of the amazing and eye-catching designs ever. So what better way is there than to celebrate this with a dedicated Reviews on Rewind installment!

One of the original La Sardina designs, Fischers Fritze

If you loved the original designs, we’re sure you’re loving the newest La Sardina cameras in some of the coolest designs ever. There’s the funky Pattern Edition, the daring snake-skinned Valentines Edition, the exquisite Old West Edition, and very recently released, the first ever customizable Seoul Edition. All of these editions are packed with the amazing La Sardina features we’ve all known and grown to love. So, for this installment of Reviews on Rewind, why don’t we take a look back at what our fellow lomographers had to say about the La Sardina?

Photo by pasqualecaprile

*The La Sardina Review* by pasqualecaprile

The La Sardina is a lovely camera. Every time I go out with it, people start the strangest and funniest conversations I have ever had about it – Especially if I bring the spectacular flash with me, which is what really turns it into an object of desire.

Credits: stitch

*La Sardina Taste Test* by stitch

When the La Sardina came out, I fell in love—hook, line and sinker…I really love the retro design and packaging especially the artwork at the body of the camera.

Photo by milkandmiel

*La Sardina: Multiple Love at First Shot* by milkandmiel

Who knew that a camera modelled after a sardine can could be so sexy and functional?

Photo by ipdegirl

*Loving My La Sardina* by ipdegirl

I love my Marathon and the way the olive drab colored case is decorated with graphic prints that make this simple camera look like a sardine can. So, do I love how this camera takes pictures? The answer is a resounding yes.

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