Colorful Paper Sculptures by Zim and Zou

Zim and Zou is a French design team whose specialty is creating detailed paper sculptures that channel the analogue life! From the Walkman and its cassettes to the brick-like mobile phones mother used to carry around, there’s no such thing as “too intricate” for the design duo. So, check out their latest project, smartly titled “Back to Basics”.

Images via Zim and Zou

Check out that funktastic camera, with all the wacky colored card used in its composition, and the scale-like pattern formed from cutting holes into a strip a paper and then using it as a mask on top a different colored, solid piece of card stock.

Can anyone tell us which camera make the above is modeled after?

Images via Zim and Zou

Just check out the attention to detail each of the above objects have… I mean, look at the perfectly wound magnetically coated plastic tape (minus the magnetic coating) inside the cassette!

These almost obsolete objects are easier to identify, with “Walkman”, “Nintento”, and “Maxell” clearly embossed in 3D lettering. The proportions of each object are like the original as Zim and Zou wanted to respect the items they were paying tribute to and, we would assume, because they wanted to be able to play make believe, put on their headphones, and rock out to songs of their colorful imagination!

Images via Zim and Zou

If you are as amazed as I, by the complex nature of the sculptures, know that over one year of work went into this graphic design project, of which you can see some of the process of creation below!

This article was inspired by this Lost At E Minor piece.

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