Lomography Mixed Film Pack 35mm: Yay for Variety!

On the first week of February, when I saw Lomography’s special 3 for 2 on Lomography Film Packs offer, I ran to the Online Shop to place my order. What was my choice? Three Packs of Lomography Mixed Film 35mm, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

I like stocking up on a wide variety of films even if I don’t need it at the time. That way, I can open my film drawer and choose whatever film I feel like shooting with at that moment without having to think in advance and waiting to buy it. The Lomography Mixed Film Pack enables me to stock up on film while getting variety and saving money at the same time. Say you want to try Lomography CN 100, Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100, and Lomography Lady Grey 400.

Image via Lomography Online Shop

For starters you only want to try one roll of each as you don’t know yet if you like them. Without the mixed film packs you’d have to buy a pack with 3 of each and it would end up being quite expensive. However, with the film packs just by buying one pack you get to try 3 completely different films! I had already tried Lomography CN 100 and loved it so I was really glad that it was included in the mixed pack. I hadn’t yet tried the other two films in the pack though, and after doing so I’m smitten.

As soon as I got my Mixed Film Packs in the mail, I loaded Lomography X-Pro Chrome in my Diana Mini. It was also the first time I used cross-processed slide film and I really love the results. The colors really pop out! I just love staturated colors and with this film you get beautiful, radiant, deep saturated colors. Check it out.

It makes the blue skies look lovely:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

The greens look radiant:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

The reds pop out beautifully:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

…and all other colors really shine:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

It also works great with double exposures and because it is a 100 ISO film you don’t have to worry about getting blown out film with multiple exposures:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

Yep, my Diana Mini loves Lomography X-Pro Chrome! I did find that sometimes I overexposed it when the sun was shinning bright on white surfaces, even though I used all the correct aperture settings on the Diana Mini, but that didn’t happen often and when it did, the pictures still came out looking nice:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

As for Lomography Lady Grey 400, it was also by the time I got my Mixed Film packs in the mail that I got my Recesky DIY TLR camera. After building it for two hours I loaded it with Lomography Lady Grey to use as a test roll and was really happy with the results. Just like the 120 film version, it will give your photos beautiful contrast with a stunning wide tonal range whether it is a sunny or a cloudy day:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

The Lomography CN 100 that was left in the first pack? Well, that’s already loaded in my Diana Mini.

All I can say is I’m really gald I bought 3 packs: 3 times the variety, 3 times the fun!

Who says film is dead? Lomography’s got its very own emulsions to keep the fire burning! Visit the Shop and see which Lomography film is right for you.

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