Winter Dream from New Genre Artist Sonja Hinrichsen - Pictures by Cedar Beauregard


The boys among you: do you remember peeing your name into the snow? Or leaving an angel in the snow? New genre artist Sonja Hinrichsen did not forget and used the landscape in the mountains of Colorado as a canvas to do give a large-scale pattern and put it on another level. The pictures were taken by Cedar Beauregard who runs a business for aerial photography and video. It’s both amazing: the work by Sonja Hinrichsen and the perspective Beauregard offers.

Sonja Hinrichsen, who is originally from the south-west of Germany says that her art, has become all about the American landscape so it just didn’t fit in Germany anymore. Consequently, she went to California in 1999 and graduated at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. In 2010 she already created some snow drawings in the area near Hayden at Yampa Valley.

While she did it back then on her own – the drawings and photography – she now had some helpers and with Cedar Beauregard, someone who took great pictures of it from a perspective she didn’t have back in 2010.

In 2010 she spent ten days in icy weather to do her large-scale snow drawings. It was exhausting and a true physical effort. Doing it on her own, she walked up to 8 hours a day in snowshoes to do the patterns. Being aware of the fact that an overnight snow storm can cause it to disappear.

But even at daytime, snow drawings may last only a few hours as the sun, wind or more new snow can destroy hours or days of work.

Looking like huge animal tracks or maybe a mosaic of animal tracks, these drawings fit wonderful into the landscape. The landscape as canvas, the transformation of landscape.

The art of Hinrichsen couldn’t be more analogue so it doesn’t really matter if the guy who captured it in the most spectacular view Cedar Beauregard doesn’t use analogue photography. He runs a business with aerial photography and so the shots were made during a flyover with one of his special helicopters. Some of the older shots of 2010 with the down to earth view were made by Hinrichsen herself.

Unfortunately I live in an area where it’s hard to do such things but to me this is very inspiring and probably you may try to do this too – just on a smaller scale.

Here is a video of the flyover:

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