Looking for a Poem: The Disappearing Act


Coming from a non-art background can be tough on a amateur photographer, trying to break into the photography scene. So, I thought I should prepare a portfolio to show what I have in mind, not only to show clients but also to see for myself where I’m headed towards. With some inspiration, I started work on my first series.

I am not a professional photographer. I would like to be but I don’t have any major technical skills other than the ability to check exposure with a light meter (which I learnt on YouTube) or how to load my camera (the first two rolls I shot were inside out, so I basically shot on paper instead of film but then I saw the youtube video to help myself, don’t laugh!).

Being a part of the art would is tough. My friend who is also a self-taught artist told me that the art community is warm and nice, but its very closed and close-knit. You need to be from an art background or you need someone to introduce you to the world for you to get in. So to get in, I thought a good idea might be to work on a project which I can send to colleges and other artists, maybe getting feedback and exploring the possibility of going to a photography school in NY (encouragement needed here).

The idea came from a book of etching I was reading at that time, The Darker Side Of Light. The book talks about how art should be viewed selectively and how it exists only momentarily. On this, another friend helped me link up with a great designer who was generous enough to let me have some of his clothes for this project. The roughness and the clean lines of the fabric helped enhance the idea and bring it into shape. A story which is best interpreted by the viewer, suspended in black and white prints.

Charles Blanc, “Le Cabinet de M.Thiers,” Gazette des Beaux-Arts, 1st ser, 12(1862):304-305:
“Il y a, parmi les trésors de l’art et de la curiosité, des richesses qu’il faut avoir toujours sous les yeux pour entretenir le feu sacré dans son âme… Mais il est des choses qu’il importe de ne pas voir à touteheure, de matin au soir, parce qu’on finirait par se blaser sur le plaisir qu’elles font. Une collection de dessins et d’estampes est mieux placèe, par example dans des portefeuilles que sous verre.”

“There are, among the treasures of art and curiosities, riches that one must always have visible to keep the scared fire going on one’s soul… But there are things that it is important not to see at every moment, from morning till evening, because one will finish by becoming indifferent to the pleasures they give.”

Photos shot using Hasselblad 500c + Kodak TriX 400 and Fuji Neopan 100

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  1. sudhashunmu
    sudhashunmu ·

    wonder why no comments here ....its absolutely gorgeous ....the lights are amazing we can see a B&W image inside ur monochrome photos ...very innovative

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