Secondhand Love Affair: My Minolta X-700


I found this Minolta X-700 at a secondhand store about a year ago. Now, I couldn’t imagine not having one. It’s the perfect camera for me, because of the lens and the size. It’s a light-absorbing machine!

I found this camera by accident in a secondhand store. It was quite surprising because I went there before and there were never any. This camera stood out to me because of the brand. I have a digital camera by Sony; this used to be Minolta, so I had to take a look. I bought it for only €10! I think a real bargain.

At the beginning the camera didn’t work, you couldn’t wind the films, but I bought it anyway because of the lens that was on it. I hoped it might work on my Sony because it used to be Minolta. The lens has such a wide diaphragm, so it takes in a lot of light, a kind of lens I was looking for. Sadly, it didn’t fit on my digital camera. But this was the reason that I tried to get this camera fixed, something I’m very happy about.

Now it’s fixed, and I love my camera! It takes beautiful pictures. The photos taken outside are a gorgeous blue, when the ones taken on the inside are a nice yellow. Because of the large diaphragm I never need a flash when I’m taken pictures inside. Even though I have one that fits, but I haven’t tried it yet, so this will be my next step. The lens that’s on the camera can’t zoom in or out, but I don’t see it as a disadvantage. As photographer you just have to move more and get closer to your subject, but I don’t see why this would be a problem.

The camera isn’t all that big and not that heavy, so I use it for all my travels. It goes easily in my bag so when the moment is right, he’s always close by.

written by lieze on 2012-03-20 #lifestyle #travel #analog #minolta-x-700 #used-camera #secondhand-love-affair

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