Meet The Artist's Jack Russell Terrier Uggie

We have some clips for you showing Uggie as ‘Jack’, the sidekick of The Artist’s main character George Valentin. With his superb acting and bright white coat, Uggie sure stands out in this silent film, where the spoken word is removed, and all creatures, large and small, are brought to the same level, made to communicate through gesticulation.

Uggie with Bérénice. Image via Wonderland Magazine

Did you know there was a whole campaign for Uggie to receive an Oscar nomination? Though Consider Uggie didn’t succeed in yielding the nomination, it’s shown just how many fans and supporters this Jack Russell has! Uggie does have honorable mentions and awards under his collar though, including the 2011 Palm Dog Award for his role in The Artist.

Here are three short clips from The Artist, featuring Uggie! We wonder if Jean Dujardin has felt any separation anxiety since The Artist finished shooting. Well, in this starpulse interview Dujardin states he had never been a fan of dogs till he worked with Uggie. “It’s the same character as George Valentin and Jack… it’s my shadow, it’s my friend”.

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Just as Uggie might enjoy playing a game of catch, or something more sophisticated for his black tie wearing self, we are playing a game in honor of the recent silent film win! Visit our Facebook page to join in the trivia (not trivial) fun! And be sure to check out our Beautiful Shop Deals For Aspiring Oscar Winners!

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