LC-Wide Instant Kit: Ready for My Close Up!


After a trial and error with my Instant Back on my LC-Wide without the kit, I learned my lesson and ordered myself the LC-Wide Instant Kit. My photos are finally in focus, and I’m perfectly happy with my order!

A few months ago, I had attempted to use my Instant Back with the LC-Wide without the LC-Wide Instant Kit. For some reason, I thought I was special and didn’t need it (haha). As you can probably guess, the photos didn’t come out quite like I had expected. But I did learn that with the lens that it comes with in the Instant Back, you can get super close macro shots!

(Here they are!)

So I went ahead and placed an order for the kit. Two weeks passed by and I got it in the mail! But it wasn’t until recently that I had gotten the chance to actually use it. I’d been so busy with school, work, yada yada yada.

Anyhow, I felt like taking it out to use it after it’d been sitting in my drawer for about a month. The kit is super easy to install, as it is just a magnetic lens that goes over the LC-Wide lens and the viewfinder slides right into the hotshoe. Unwrapped a new pack of film and popped it in, ready for an excursion!

With only ten shots, I was hesitant. But after the first shot of my cat, I was happy with the colors, wide angle, and gorgeous vignette, that I didn’t worry about it much afterwards. You can also get really close to your subject without pushing it out of the focus range!

With the magnetic lens from the kit, it stayed put exactly where it should be and rendered perfectly in-focus shots! The wide angle lens of the LC-Wide makes it super easy for self-portraits too.

Of course, as view finders are, they aren’t exactly accurate. It seems like the view finder that comes in the kit shows an image that’s much closer than what the lens actually captures. I was trying to get a full picture of my hand, but it ended up being super tiny…

An overall look, if you don’t have the LC-Wide Instant Back Kit, you really can’t take instant pictures that are in focus that are more than a couple of inches away. So if you’re planning on purchasing the Instant Back, don’t make the same mistake I did and forget to buy the kit as well! Happy shooting!

Here are the links to my albums in case you’re interested: Macro Instants and In Focus

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the effects of the Lomo LC-A or the LC-Wide, in a heartbeat? With the LC-A Instant Back+, now you can! Watch your photos develop right away with the LC-A Instant Back+.

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