A Secluded Station that is Out of this World: Lingjiao Station


Traveling by train is one of the most comfortable modes of transport. I was always curious about those smaller stations with low passenger traffic. Once, I decided not to ponder anymore and explore one of the beautiful and secluded stations!

The Pingxi line starts from Sandiaoling Station and consists of Dahua, Shifen, Wanggu, Lingjiao, Pingxi, and Jingtong stations. Pingxi and Jingtong are always crowded with tourists during holidays and weekends. After a brief visit to Pingxi and Jingtong, I chose to visit a more secluded station for a change.

Lingjiao is more serene and peaceful as there are less visitors. One should visit the unpretentious old street and the squarish hillside platforms. The platforms, railway tracks, and residential homes are lined up in parallel, forming a beautiful arc shape when a train reaches Lingjiao. One can catch a glimpse of this scenic view standing amongst the peaceful village. One can also take a leisurely stroll to explore the Lingjiao waterfalls, reveling in the sights of the silk-like water free falling from the valley above. The resulting water mist makes one feel more refreshed and alert.

APD Transport Tips

  • Driving:
    From Muzha, drive along 106 County Highway to Lingjiao. Park you vehicle at Lingjiao Community Center, and take a short walk to reach Lingjiao waterfalls.
  • Public Transport:
    Train:Take the North-Link Line to Houtong Station, switch to Pingxi Line and alight at Lingjiao Station. Take a short walk, and you’ll arrive at Lingjiao waterfalls.

written by apd on 2012-03-08 #places #location #escape-from-the-city
translated by coolsigg


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