Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 67: References

Read up on important Lomography-related events through this timeline.

Timeline of the Lomographic Society International:

1983 The Lomo Kompakt Automat (LC-A) is introduced in St. Petersburg, Russia.

1991 A handful of Viennese students cruise through the newly liberated Czech Republic and discover the LC-A: a quirky little compact camera that’s perfect for shooting from the hip.

1992 The LC-A’s incredible photographs are an instant hit among friends and family, and the Lomographic Society International is founded. Their mission: to present the Lomo and their hip-shot philosophy to cheerful individuals around the world!

1992 The 10 Golden Rules of Lomography are codified.

1994 The first Lomographic exhibitions are held simultaneously in Moscow and New York.

1997 is launched as the formal Internet home for all Lomographers around the world.

1997 The very first LomoWorldCongress is held in Madrid, Spain.

1998 The Actionsampler (a multi-lens plastic camera that puts 4 pictures on one single frame) is introduced to hungry Lomographers worldwide.

2000 The Lomographic Society presents the first camera to have been developed, designed and patented exclusively by Lomographers: the Supersampler, a.k.a. the queen of all multi-lensed cameras – yielding 4 panoramic serial shots on a single frame.

2002 The golden Pop 9 camera (your image split into a riot of Pop Art patterns) is released.

2002 The grand Lomographic photo compendium “Don’t Think, Just Shoot,” hits the market. Inside are 378 pages overflowing with more than 2000 shining images – all taken by the vibrant Lomograhic Community.

2003 Release of the Colorsplash camera and the Colorsplash Flash. Everyone’s world is quickly and forever tinted with a burst of colored flash light.

2004 Release of the Oktomat, Frogeye and Lomolitos cameras. Huzzah!

2005 The Lomographic Society recognizes the extraordinary view of goldfish and slams their keen visions into the production of an all-new Lomographic camera: the Fisheye camera!

2005 Release of the Horizon Kompakt and Horizon Perfekt – two true panoramic cameras which yield 120-degrees of vision on regular 35mm film.

2006 The intense goldfish-studies have reached a new height: the Fisheye 2 camera is released, complete with a whole smattering of new features.

2006 The first meeting between goldfish and Lomographers is held. It results in a prosperous cooperation that allows the Lomographers to gain valuable insights from their little friends. It is then collected, organized, and written into the very book that you’re reading. Hooray!

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