The La Sardina Belle Starr Camera has been featured in! has posted an article about the Steampunk-inspired La Sardina Belle Starr Camera. The camera was praised for it’s Steampunk inspiration and sheer beauty.

The new model of the La Sardina camera, the Belle Starr, has been noted for it’s Steampunk inspiration in! The website praises the camera as a beautiful, retrofuturistic camera and for it’s “oxidized metal body and ornate decorations”.

From the brass, slightly-discolored metal and the extremely exquisite and ornate carvings on both the front and back, down to the font that would usually be found in an old French restaurant, the entire camera is an ode to Steampunk and everything that makes it great.

This camera is a definite must-have for every hardcore Steampunk photographer, as well as anyone who yearns for a beautiful, antique-looking camera. You can read the whole article here

written by makatak on 2012-03-31 #news #camera #lomography #steampunk #la-sardina #belle-starr

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