Secondhand Love Affair: Pentax K1000


My Pentax K1000 is probably one of my favourite cameras to use. I find it a good, sturdy SLR. What is even better about this bad boy however is that is was totally free and second hand when I got it!

Credits: fletchinski84

When I started at Leeds College of Art to mainly learn about developing film and making prints, I didn’t have a lot of cameras. There was a box at college which intrigued me, however, as it seemed to be a place where cameras retired to. There were loads of bits of cameras and flashes in there, and one day, I asked my tutor what they were for. “Spares and repairs,” he replied, before explaining that if I needed any bits to fix cameras I could essentially help myself as they were all donations. I got digging in this box and saw a beautiful SLR that I knew nothing about. It’s called the Pentax K1000.

Credits: fletchinski84

Although the wind on seemed to be a bit stiff, I took the camera home, gave it a little TLC and started shooting with it right away. It quickly became my standard go-to camera when I wanted to guarantee good quality photos. I found it so user-friendly and easy to get good results with that it was almost the only camera I used for ages (apart from another SLR). Sadly, this camera has now broken again and I have so far been unable to mend it but I am always on the lookout at car boot sales and in vintage stores for a replacement for this little beauty. I literally cannot wait to get my hands on one that I can start using again.

Credits: fletchinski84

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    great series of photos!

  2. andbethere
    andbethere ·

    The K1000 is a superb SLR. A real tank of a camera. I've dropped so many times and it still works perfectly!

    I've collected a bunch of tips and tricks here that may help anyone starting out with the K1000:

    Emanuele from

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