Love at First Lomo: My Lubitel 2

Long before I got into the community here at Lomography. I had been given my Dad’s old Lubitel 2 that he purchased on a trip to Russia many many years ago. It wasn’t until I got online here that I began to use it however.

Credits: fletchinski84

When I was a teenager I never realised how exciting my Dad’s camera collection was, and how many cool things were filling our attic. After my Dad died, and I started to show a vague interest in cameras, my mum gave me a few of his bits and pieces for me to use, particularly with my college work. Among these was the Lubitel 2 which he had bought on a trip to Russia in the early 70s from a flea market or something similar. I had never used a camera like this before, with the focussing on the top (a TLR) and it took me a little while to get used to it. I looked up Lubitels online and that is how I first stumbled onto this community — there were a couple of shots taken on a Lubitel which literally blew my mind. I took it along to my first session in college, where it created quite a bit of a buzz. My tutor taught me quite a bit about it and I began using it for a lot of my college black and white wrk, which was mainly all about printing.

Some of my prints from college shot on the Lubitel 2

Since I started writing this article I have realized that I really don’t use this camera enough. To say how old it is, and that it belonged to my late father and that it was the reason I discovered this marvellous community in the first place, I really ought to get it out again as it is in such great condition. What makes it even more special however, is that if you turn to page 3 of the Lomography Berlin City Guide, there is me in Berlin using the Lubitel 2 on a photo taken by kneeehigh85 on her Diana Mini, making my Lubitel 2 a beautiful page in a book for all the world to see.

Credits: kneehigh85

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