Fun Weekend Getaway at Kukup!

Kukup is a small fishing village located in the state of Johor, in Malaysia. It is about a 90-minute drive from Singapore and is a popular weekend destination for many Singaporeans. It is an ideal location for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of highly-urbanized Singapore.

For the Kukup weekend getaway, I would normally book an all-inclusive package from one of the many holiday chalet operators. The package would include two-way transport to and from Singapore, five meals, and accommodation.

After clearing the Johor customs, we had breakfast at Restoran Queen Park before proceeding to Kukup. The local food definitely tastes delicious and different from that of Singapore’s. My favorite food are the dim sum, fried fritters, and wanton noodles.

Another 45 mins or so later, we arrived at Kukup. First time visitors would be amazed by the houses and chalets built on stilts.

After a hearty seafood lunch and settling into our chalet, it’s time to go out and shoot some Lomo. One would notice that all the locals can handle their two wheelers very well, some can even ride it with one hand!

One can see exposed power cables everywhere as the whole village is built over the sea.

One of the highest points in the village is a Chinese temple. From the temple, one can see a panoramic view of the village.

The sunset is also something not to be missed!

After an afternoon of Lomo-ing, it’s time for a sumptuous BBQ dinner!

Night activities are watching fireworks and playing with sparklers!

On the second day, we visited a nearby mangrove nature reserve and floating fish farm.

In conclusion, Kukup is a place to go to if one wants a relaxing weekend. I will definitely go back there!

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