The LC-A's 25th Birthday Parties in Lomography Embassies and Galleries: Celebration Recap


The LC-A’s 25th birthday kickoff was a blast – as our official Lomography Embassies and Gallery Stores around the world had intense fun as they put on their loudest cheer to celebrate THE Minitar-eyed wonder’s day!

The LC-A’s 25th Birthday Kickoff started off with a blast – our official Lomography Embassies and Gallery Stores around the world had intense fun – dancing and drinking, picking out special raffle prizes, and ogling at video installations and Lomographs, of course!

Hong Kong

Dressed in 80s kitsch, Lomographers from Hong Kong partied the night away with a special Russian musical performance, video installations created by Lomographers from Thailand & Shanghai Gallery Stores, and lucky raffle draws! The store also featured the Korean LC-A No Nukes edition, and a huge display-only LC-A created exclusively for its 25th Birthday!

LOMO LC-A 25th Birthday Party @ Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong

A bunch of Lomographers spent a colorful day outdoors, armed with their LC-As and doing all sorts of fun schemes such as kite-flying and toying around with balloons!

LC-A Birthday Journey - Colorful Island at Hong Kong


There were more than 200 people at the Lomography Gallery Shop Seoul to felicitate the LC-A 25th anniversary including journalists, Lomographers & even a young lucky girl, KIM Na-Young, born exactly on June 19th in 1984.

New York

NYC Lomographers toasted to the LC-A’s 25 Years with lots of vodka, beer, and karaoke!
LC-A 25th Anniversary Party in New York City - Analogue Photos

Videos from the LC-A 25th Anniversary party at the LGS New York City!

Madrid, Spain

Mojitos! Russian Vodka! ’80s Music! Surprise Cosmonauts! And of course, the Lomo LC-A Cake! You can tell Madrid survived the hot weather with these party-happy items (and guests)!
LC-A 25th Anniversary Party in Madrid

Bangkok, Thailand

Our friends from Thailand donned some funky red bowties specially for the occasion, and feasted their eyes on Lomography motion pictures created by chaweemek and the analogmemory group!
Lomo LC-A 25th Birthday Party Thailand

LC-A Supermodel Contest Winners in Thailand

Our dear Lomographers from Bangkok headed out to the streets and immersed themselves in urban culture!

Oh It's So 1984 in Siam, Bangkok LC-A Workshop Photos


The Lomography Headquarters in Vienna headed to The Anaconda – one of the most underground Discos in Vienna, sucked up on jelly shots and danced up a storm!

First Video of the Lomo LC-A 25th Anniversary Celebrations in Vienna


The LC-A 25th Anniversary Party in Paris, in two words: Drinking and dancing! (See a pattern here?)

The Almost Complete Review of a Mentalist LC-A Anniversary Party in the City of Paris

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  1. jeepeng
    jeepeng ·

    haha! KIM Na-Young, let's celebrate together next year!

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Hey! What About LONDON!!!! We did one and I submitted the images to the Rumble about it in Locations!! Don't leave LONDON out, they worked hard to get the MATRIX sorted!

  3. buster_adams
    buster_adams ·

    There's no store in London how do you want them to publish your pictures?

  4. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    What are you talking about, the same way as they are HERE!

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