Spotted: Colorsplash in Fat Face Ad

I was having a browse in a clothing store in Skipton, Yorkshire one afternoon when something caught my eye from a distance. I think it might be the best spot I have ever done! I think others would’ve missed this so see if you can instantly see it too!

Fat Face is a surf-y clothing type chain that we have here in the UK (maybe in other countries too – I am not sure). I have been into my local store in Leeds a few times and nothing has ever jumped out at me before, but today I was in the Skipton shop for the first time ever. I like the decor in fat Face, it has a bit of a nautical outdoors type theme which I really like. As I was hanging out near the changing rooms I spotted a pillar full of old school looking photographs and wondered if perhaps some of them had been shot on a Lomography camera and for some reason I began snapping them with my iphone.

Upon getting closer and closer to the pillar, I realised that in all likelihood, the photos were probably digitally manipulated to look like film (isn’t everything nowadays?) but one photo in particular still caught my eye. It was a photo of a picnic, just the area in the middle really. You could see people’s legs, and a few drinks and other items. One of the hands was holding a Polaroid type instant and there were a few film cameras on the picnic blanket. Then I saw it! A cheeky Lomo camera in the side of the shot. It was a Colorsplash Chakras edition camera lying on the grass beside a bottle of juice. (sorry for the poor photos – the light was making a refection of my iphone in the photo frame!).

written by kneehigh85 on 2012-03-28 #news #shop-advert-photo-decoration-clothing-skipton-chain-yorkshire-fat-face

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