The Sexy Snake-Skinned La Sardina Sapphire Serpent


When I got a La Sardina Quadrat in December I really really wanted to love it. My first few rolls were a disaster however, and I ended up selling it, thinking I had fallen out with Sardinas forever. Then, I saw the Sapphire Serpent and knew I was going to have to give it another try.

I am not going to lie: when it comes to beautiful things I am a total magpie. The fact that I had already made up my mind and I hated La Sardina cameras with a passion was soon overridden by my desire to own this sexy blue snakeskin model, the La Sardina Sapphire Serpent. I decided even if I never used it, at least it would look nice on my shelves at home!

First of all, from the moment I got it out of the box I was in love with it — and not just because it was the Valentine’s Day edition. For the price (I sometimes find toy cameras are priced way over the odds for basically chunks of plastic), this camera actually feels really expensive and sturdy. The plastic around the edges is not what I would call “cheap shiny plastic” but is almost a matte plastic which I think gives it a bit more class. I also LOVE how the snakeskin areas are super textured — it just feels great to hold in your hands. Loading a film in this camera is easy enough too, and I think it is handy that the back comes right off as it gives you a lot more space if you are struggling to feed it on.

Credits: kneehigh85

The biggest problem I see with this camera is coming up next, and that is the old twist-and-click. This is why my first roll and a half did not come out at all. Writing the sentence “only shoot if you can read me” is virtually asking for trouble, because as we all know now (most of us having learnt the hard way it seems) this is not actually true and it should read “only shoot if you can read me and when you turned the lens to this position you heard an audible ‘click’ sound” but I guess that wouldn’t have fit.

Anyway, I digress — once you have that bit sussed, this camera is really simple to operate so is a great beginners camera. There are 2 distances: 0.6-1m and then 1m to infinity. You have a normal mode and a bulb mode and that is it really — you are ready to shoot. The MX switch is on the top which I find dead handy as it provides a constant reminder to actually do doubles, which I often forget in life. The subtle vignettes of this camera are really desirable and I also like how in the corners of some shots, rather than the traditional dark corner type vignetting, you actually get more of a blur/distortion. although I don’t think I have particularly “peaked” with this camera yet, I have enjoyed playing with it (and all the attention it attracts) and I am glad I persevered with La Sardinas.

Credits: kneehigh85

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    great pictures especially the n°5 taken inside the bar!

  2. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    @superlighter - thanks a lot, the rest of the roll was a bit grainy so I was please with those.

  3. molzography
    molzography ·

    Ahaaaa you have to hear an audible ‘click’ sound! :| Good to know!

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